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Kinshira Entertainment is a performing arts group specializing in event entertainment and performance art with stilt walkers, fire dancers, roving atmosphere entertainment, themed costumes, aerialists, circus entertainment, acrobats, and so much more!

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Our name, ‘Kinshira’ means ‘Poetic Movement’ by combining the words ‘kinetic’ (movement) and ‘shira’ (poetry). We’ve found this description to be an accurate portrayal of this unique and diverse art form.

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Since our inception in 2008 as a fire dancing troupe, we’ve been igniting stages and captivating audiences with our dynamic and highly unique performances. Over the years, our passion for performance arts has evolved, leading us to discover our love for circus arts. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a new chapter for us, as we delved deeper into the world of circus entertainment and expanded our repertoire to include a wide range of thrilling acts.

Proud to call our home base in Kelowna, BC – Where you’ll often find us performing for audiences all across the Okanagan in cities like Salmon Arm, Vernon, Penticton, Osoyoos, and everywhere in-between. However, our performances know no bounds – we’re more than happy to travel anywhere in British Columbia, and in Canada to bring our unique brand of entertainment and performance art to your event.

We believe in creating unforgettable experiences for our audiences. Whether it’s a big music festival stage, a glamorous corporate ballroom gala, a lively outdoor children’s festival, or an intimate backyard gathering, our performances are tailored to suit the unique atmosphere of each event. From high-energy circus acts and aerialists to mesmerizing fire and LED stage shows, enchanting stilt-walkers, and captivating character entertainment, we offer a diverse range of performance packages to elevate your event to new heights.

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