Planning an Event? Things to Consider When Choosing your Event Entertainment

Whether you’re a festival or corporate event planner, planning your own wedding, or just looking to add something fun to your small party – There are some things to consider when looking for entertainers. Selecting the right entertainment is akin to orchestrating the heartbeat of the occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or a kid-friendly community festival, the choice of entertainment can truly elevate the experience for your guests. Here are some key considerations to ensure you choose the perfect entertainment that resonates with your vision.

1. Event Theme and Atmosphere:

The entertainment should seamlessly integrate with the theme and atmosphere of your event. Whether you’re aiming for sophistication, whimsy, or high energy, align the entertainment to create a cohesive and immersive experience.

Does your event suit classy and elegant aerialists and circus acts, or intriguing 1920s speakeasy vibes? Perhaps your event would suit whimsical forest creatures or theatrical pirates roving on stilts with illusion-based props interacting and creating photo opportunities for your guests? Maybe you’d like to kick up the energy with an exciting and dangerous fire dance performance, or an electrifying acrobatic dance duet. Kinshira has experience with such a wide range of events, we’d be happy to discuss with you what costumes and characters we’ve seen work best for all types of audiences.

3. Versatility for Varied Events:

Opt for an entertainment company that can adapt to all different types of events and sizes. Versatility allows you to make the most of your investment, ensuring the entertainment is suitable for weddings, corporate gatherings, family-friendly events, and more. Kinshira Entertainment offers a wide range of performance options from indoor performances, to outdoor fire performances, large-scale ballroom galas, and small intimate gatherings. In addition, the ability to package multiple performance options ensures you can save a little bit of money, and have something for everyone in your venue!

Picture a greeting party to your event with stilt walkers and pop-up acts for photo opportunities right as guests arrive. Later in the evening we perform on the fully decorated performance stage and transform your venue into a big top classic circus show featuring aerialists, cyr wheel, silks performers, acrobats, and dancers. If your event or wedding has a party after dinner – our performers can get the dance party going by continuing the pop-up performances on the dance floor and kick up the energy!

4. Consider the Venue Constraints:

Take into account the logistics and spatial considerations of your venue. If you have limited space, consider entertainment that is compact yet impactful. For larger spaces, explore grand performances that can fill the room. We can help with transforming your venue into a grand circus stage by utilizing our professional lighting equipment, shadow screens, themed decor, and more.

We have performance options for all types of venue sizes. We’d love to chat with you about these options and are more than happy to do a site visit to assess your venue to get the most out of your entertainment package.

6. Entertainers that Focus on the Details

When event planning, you don’t want to worry about the small details of the stage, decor, costumes, and your entertainer’s needs. With Kinshira, you will rest assured that we know all the right questions to ask before the event, and are self-sufficient on-site taking care of all of the details for the visuals, theme, stage design, and performance. Kinshira has been performing since 2008 and we have seen it all! Our expertise and experience in creating professional event entertainment all across British Columbia is unmatched.

Most importantly, when we look after all the small details – your guests are fully captivated and immersed in the theme and your event, and there will be no shortage of shareable content and photo opportunities. Leaving a lasting impression on your guests is our priority.

7. Budgetary Considerations:

Define a clear budget for entertainment and explore options that align with it. When creating your event budget, think about the importance of entertainment at any event type and think about the investment you are making in hiring professional entertainers. Leaving a lasting impression, having your guests post all over on social media, and leaving them anxious to attend the next one is truly priceless!

We are flexible with our various offerings and can find performance options to fit within most budgets – but it’s best to contact us directly to discuss pricing. Smaller budgets may be looking to hire 1-2 roving acts or a fire dancing duet, while larger budgets can look towards the grand circus productions and big fire performances.

8. Interactive Elements:

Foster audience engagement by incorporating interactive elements. Many of our stilt-walking performances roving through the venue ground are spent talking with your guests in character, and taking photos with them! Your event is sure to pop up all over social media with photos of our towering stilt walkers and character entertainers! Roving pop-up acts are another great way to engage your guests and allow them to experience circus acts up close and personal.

For a more elegant interactive option, we always recommend our roving champagne dress. This is a dress that can hold up to 90 glasses of champagne and the character will move through your event making cocktail hour a memorable moment. Guests love interacting with the performer in the dress, and will line up for their chance to grab a glass of sparkling! We also offer roving food service on stilts! Serve your canapes with a twist – This performance option is great for weddings and galas!

10. Book Well in Advance:

Entertainers often have busy schedules – especially on weekends, and even more so around holidays (Halloween in particular is Kinshira’s ultra-busy season!). To secure your event date and get the most choice of performance offerings, make bookings well in advance. This also ensures you and your entertainers have ample time for planning and coordination, and if there are any special requests we have more time to customize your performances even further.

By taking all of these factors into account, you pave the way for an event that not only meets but exceeds expectations, leaving a lasting impression on all who attend.

Let us make this part of your event planning easy! Professional, insured, experienced performance artists and circus entertainers guarantee your event will be remembered!

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